Deciding the Right Type

You talk ... we listen ... you talk some more ... and, we are still listening. Because your talking is valuable to designing your soap bar. And learning about the types of soap bars, the shapes, edges, corners, and borders ... should be an enjoyable experience.

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Let's Start Designing

Deciding on the type of soap bar could determine the size, shape, dimensions, and weight of your soap bar. There are three types of soap bars, namely, the hand /face, personal beauty soap bar; the larger bath, family, utility soap bar; and the guest, hotel, sampler soap bar type. So, the type of soap bar could determine the size and weight of your soap bar.

So, let's get started.

Hand, Face, or Personal Bars

This type of soap bar is known as the 'standard' soap bar -- sometimes referred to as the beauty soap. The standard type of soap bar is ideal for face and hands. It is a soap type for promoting skin moisture or as a medicated soap type to help ward off skin bacteria. Also soap bar type is used to market make scents, aromas, as well as displaying vivid colors and patterns. A type of soap bar used to promote branding.

Bath, Body, Laundry, Commercial, or Pet Bars

These bars are much larger in size and will weigh more. And because of the larger size and weight, these soap bar types are used as specialty laundry soap bars, body bars, and family-size shower bars. The larger size type is used in industry, garages, factory workshops. Also, animal-care soap bars for pets, and livestock.

Guest, Hotel, Sampler, or Single-Use Bars

The small soap type category has been growing over the past few years as sampler soap bars are used by soap makers to promote their business and brand name products. A few soap makers also work with hotels and motels to promote their establishments. The smaller size type are also used as an aromatic bath 'fizzy' which release scents when dissolved in warm bath water. The smaller sizes can be used ideally for lip balms, and small moisturizing hand lotion bars that will solidify.

Novelty, or Fun Bars

Kids love novelty soap bars -- nothing like a yellow duck soap with a nice aroma. Because of their unique shapes and forms, these soaps are usually handmade. Sometimes, referred to as 'gift soaps' or as decoration.

Other Types of Popular Bars

Soap bars made with goat’s milk soap that naturally nourish and pamper the skin; Most milk soaps are slippery to use and leave the skin feeling smooth look after usage. Goat milk soaps are also used for infants. The tender skin of the baby is more likely to get affected by the usage of harsh soaps. Goat milk soaps are mild and wouldn’t cause react bad on baby skin.

More soap bar types like vanilla soap, peppermint soap, tea tree soap, lemon grass soap, seaweed soap, etc. has the oils of those herbs or plants. These are flavored soaps and they impart good fragrance, coupled with some nice refreshing feel. These soaps give better results when used for specific purposes.

Likewise, there are soap bar types made with luxurious ingredients. Sandal wood soap has the sandal wood oil in it and it can aid in helping fixing skin problems. Same is with almond soaps; it has the oil of almond in it. Almond oil is known to nourish the skin.

Chocolate soaps are made with the extracts from cocoa and help in keeping your skin moisture locked, thus preventing dryness.

The vegetarian soap bars are made of vegetable oil or fat. For some skin types, soaps made with animal fat or some other oils that do not harm the skin. People with those skin types use these soaps.

There are many different soap types made for a vast array of purposes. Soaps that are available for personal, commercial, and industrial use.

There are handmade, homemade, and commercially produced soap bars. Soap bars used to wash fine clothes, dishes, and cars.

There is soap used for your pet, soap for your carpet and soap for your child...

So, if you planning to market a personal hand/face soap bar, or a much larger soap bar type useful for industrial or janitorial applications, perhaps consider a market for specially formulated soap bars for household pets.

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