Your Silicone Soap Bar Molds

Building Custom Silicone Molds

Your silicone molds can be created as 6-, 8-, or 12-cavity mold. That is, a 12-cavity silicone will reproduce 12 perfect individual soap bars in a single cast. An 8-cavity silicone mold will reproduce 8 perfect individual soap bars, and so on.

We recommend creating a 12-cavity mold. A 12-cavity silicone mold will generally measure 13-inches by 14-inches and we refer this mold as a ‘mat.’ The size of this ‘mat’ is easy to handle, lift, move, store, and so on.

So, there is no need to build a 200-cavity silicone mold. A 200-cavity mold is harder to handle; it is heavier, and it is difficult to cast because of its size.

Your silicone molds are built on a square or rectangle platform which gives each soap bar cavity greater stability. Also, casting silicone molds with a thicker bottom (using more silicone) will help stabilize your silicone molds. Having enough silicone rubber to make a thicker bottom will reduce 'snaking'. Snaking will reproduce out of shape, or out of round soap bars.

Silicone molds are flexible and durable, yet they must hold their shape when in use.Therefore, if you wish to increase the number the cavities you cast, we suggest your ordering more than one silicone mold. So, one mat will reproduce 12 soap bars; two mats, reproduce 24 soap bars: 3 mats, 36 soap bars.

How We Make Your Silicone Molds

Your mold will give you complete control over the exact weight and dimensions of your soap bar. Therefore, we start with your original soap bar – the final soap bar which you approved. We then cast a single silicone mold and replicate 12 prefect plaster soap bars of your original soap bar. After inspecting each soap bar carefully, we arrange your 12-soap bars to cast original silicone mat. We use stone plaster to replicate the original silicone mold to make more production soap bar molds. The whole process takes 3 to 5 weeks to complete.

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