A Premium Silicone Mold for All Soapmakers

The first choice among the nation's top soapmakers is the silicone mold -- easy to use, easy to cast, de-mold, clean up and prep for the next cast. This is a dedicated stand alone molding system -- there are no need for boards before casting, no boxes to break down, no cleaning reinforcing sides boards.

“We Love Casting Your Molds” …

Silicone molds are always ready to work. Our silicone molds no 'ON' or 'OFF' switches, no annoying beeping noises to say “I’m finished” or “Push Me To Start." Never complaining -- not even about the weather, and always pleasant to work with. Your silicone molds will work day or night, even on weekends when you need some rest. And get this -- they never ask for more money. And clean-up is quick and easy, rinse in warm water and set to air-dry. Silicone molds are flexible, soft, yet durable making them easy to store.

Why We Cast in Silicone Molds?

The purpose is to reproduce your perfect soap bars each time you cast. You want your molds to produce professional soap bars with clean, crisp details of your brand name artwork. And you want uniformity of correct size, shape, and weight the same as your master soap bar. You have complete control over the exact weight and dimensions of each soap bar. This is not liquid silicone you purchse in the tube. This is not polyurethane plastic, nor is it latex.

Our customer appreciation and quality control ratings are excellent.

Our silicone molds can be twisted, stretched, pulled, or dropped -- they will never lose their shape. Silicone rubber has a memory and this memory allows your molds to return to their original shape. Try doing this with plastic sheet molds

Very early in our beginning, Masterline Molds decided to produce a high-quality silicone soap mold for their clients -- a mold which will last for years giving you greater returns on your purchase. Today, it is no wonder why soap makers are choosing silicone molds as their number one 'anchor go-to-molds' for all their soap recipes.

Do Silicone Molds Absorb Scents or Colors?
Answer: No.

The silicone will not absorb scents, oils, or perfumes you may use to enhance your exclusive soap formula. You can cast different soap recipes using the same mold. For example, you may use the same silicone mold to make soap bars, wax products, bath Fizzies, hard lotion bars, and even pumice bars. Now, in some ofthese cases, your formula would start as a liquid slurry and then solidify to a harden state for de-molding.

Can silicone molds be used for hot or cold recipes?
Answer: Yes.


Silicone molds can withstand temperatures up to 350° F. and for rapid cooling, you can place your molds in cooling units. You can also place them in a freezer for a brief period of time – but, please, be careful.

Masterline does not use polyurethane RTV plastics. We found that finished soap bars adhered tenaciously to the polyurethane rubber. No amount of cleaning or use of mold releases could prevent soap bars from sticking to polyurethane rubber which builds a shale-like residue.

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