Making Your Soap Bar A Brand Name

Calculating the weight of your soap bar, is determined by the weight of your soap formula. With a little help on our part, we were able to calculate the correct dimensions of your soap bar to determine the weight of your soap bar.

In most cases, we may need to work backwards. For example, if you want your soap bar to weight 4 ounces and knowing the weight of your soap bar, we can determine its dimensions. That is why some soap bars will measure odd dimensions like 3 ¼ by 1 ¾ by 1 ¼ inches. At this point you should discuss the packaging of your soap bar and to adjust your soap bar dimensions to obtain your correct package weight before it is printed.

Building Your Perfect Soap Bar Design

We start with an oversize piece of your soap bar in plaster. Plaster is homogenous – that is, there is no wood grain, it is a neutral surface. And plaster can be highly polish using No. 400 wet sandpaper to eliminate scratches, nicks, on the surface of the bar. Any imperfections left on the bar, will translate to the silicone rubber mold. So, we do not use power equipment or tools, CNC, or 3-D printers to form your soap bar.

Every process is hand-crafted. We use hand tools to form and stylize your soap bar, and our many templates to check our measurements. As we have a print-out of the exact image your soap bar showing your name, logo, or artwork, we begin the lettering or artwork process of raised (embossed) lettering or engraved lettering on the bar.

How do we do it? Well, Masterline Molds has a 50-year-old record, started by designing, making and marketing plaster molds.

A Message …

>Regarding Weight and Dimensions A Soap Bar

Not all soap recipes are same and, therefore, will weigh differently. As a policy, we do not ask about the details regarding your soap formula. However, there are times when we need to look at ingredients used in your formula. The ounce volume of the oils will weigh more than water volume. The water in the formula will evaporate when bringing the soap to the trace temperature. Also, any other ingredients added to the formula such as an abrasive (seeds, flower petals, barks) all add weight to the soap bar.

To arrive at the correct weight of your soap bar, we have design choices such as rounded edges, rounded corners, or engraving into the surface to lessen the volume or adding wide borders, larger logos, or artwork to increase the weight of the soap bar. In some cases, we may have to add volume or weight to the soap bar such as extra artwork, size of company name/logo on the surface and with raised thick or thin border.

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