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Custom Soap Bar Designs

image of custom-designed soap bar

A perfectly designed soap bar with the right shape, the right size, with the correct weight and dimensions built exclusively for your type of soap bar.

Branding Your Soap Bar

image of branded name with artwork soap bar

Branding gives your soap bar instant recoognization. Branding your soap bar with your company name or logo creates ownership.

Custom Soap Bar Molds

image of silicone rubber mold

Making quality soap bars starts with a great mold -- there is nothing better than durable silicone molds -- the detail and exactness is outstanding.

Creating National Sales

image of creating national brand soap bars

Advertising agencies, promotional companies, or public realtions firms are looking looking for products to promote their clients and customers.

Soon Available On-Line

image of a stock soap bar

Get ready to purchase in-stock soap bar silicone molds featuring traditional and modern surface designs on standard and unique shapes and sizes. Stay in touch!

Create Product Lines

image of soap bars

Having other ways to produce income is a good thing. Investing in yourself is the best way to create your own branded health and wellness products.

Want A Quote... You Should Read This

Masterline does not have a printed pricelist, no set pricelist, just no fixed pricelist. What! no pricelist? How can that be?


Because each project is different. Your project requirements will differ from other soap bar makers. For example, the size and type of your soap bar will differ. Even the thickness of your bar will differ. Your styling requiremnts will be different.

So if we have a fixed priclist, the cost of producing your project could be less than the cost of the fixed priclist. By quoting each job individually, your quotation will more than fair and reasonable. And everyone will be happy!

So, here's what we need to know to start your quotation.

  1. The shape of the soap bar -- rectangle, square, oval, circle, sculptural, or other.

  2. The ounce-weight of the soap bar you would like to create -- 3-ounce, 4.5-ounce, or other.

  3. The dimensions that you would like to use for the soap bar -- the length, the width, the depth or thickness.

  4. If your soap bar is circular -- the diameter (across), the depth or thickness.

  5. If your soap bar is rectangle or square shape and whether you would prefer straight corners or rounded corners, please NOTE, we will offer a suggested rendering based on what will compliment the design.

  6. A copy of your company logo/name/or artwork in either a .JPG or PDF image file. State your perference of lettering to be engraved in or raised on the surface or both.

  7. Add any specific requests such as rounded, or slightly rounded surface edges or corners, or requests for bevelled edges or corners, or raised borders, or a molded hole for a 'soap on a rope'.

With this information, we will create a simple two-dimensional rendering of your soap bar design to show a suggested size or placement of your company name, or logo, or any artwork within the working surface of your soap bar.

Quoting in Canadian Dollars

We use an Industrial -Grade Silcone

We use it for Soap Bar Molds, Body Care Molds, Cosmetics, and Wax item. We have a Food-Safe/Sugical Grade Silicone for use in food items, chocolates.

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